Measuring the Benefits of the Emergency Care Practitioner

Measuring the Benefits of the ECP (Emergency Care Practitioner)"Measuring the Benefits" looks at the evidence for urgent care practitioners caring for patients effectively. It compares paramedics and advanced paramedics (in research from USA, Canada, Australia and Europe) with advanced nurse practitioners and ECPs (in UK pilots). The evidence is overwhelming - there are no shortcuts to delivering better care. Paramedics and advanced paramedics don't have the confidence nor training to diagnose, treat and refer a significant number of patients away from Accident & Emergency safely; result is they aren't cost-effective. More highly trained practitioners can provide immediate care and reduce the further care that patients require (as well as reducing the number of times a patient is asked the same questions, time in the system getting nothing done, transport, etc) to such an extent that they pay for their extra training in 2 years. This report also presents the first evidence that ECPs reduce admissions to hospital, which dramatically changes their cost-effectiveness from an RoI of around 2 years to one closer to 18 months on the basis of two common conditions. Download the report from