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Pathology Profiling Project - best staff for the role

The differences between practice for the same task performed in different hospital trusts is striking. Healthcare scientists decided to examine this issue in more detail, and my part was to use competences to determine what were the minimum competences required to perform a particular step on a science pathway (in this case, Pathology Laboratories), the minimum level of scientist with these competences, and compare this with actual staff performing the task in different Trusts.

Baseline Report on New Ways of Working, Warehouse of Roles and Transferable roles

Before planning new projects, the National Governance Group needed to know what was currently happening. Reconfiguration in NHS meant that a lot of corporate memory had moved on or left, but I managed to identify 700+ projects and interview 41 stakeholders to identify both the current state of New Ways of Working and the support which would offer most value.
The baseline report and its conclusions were accepted and the examples, new and existing roles and workforce innovation tools are now being collated for sharing.

Project management: New Ways of Working National Governance Group

This group has representatives from SHAs and national agencies and is set up to identify the issues relating to the introduction of new, enhanced and extended roles in healthcare and in particular those issues which need national support. Within this role I prepared the Baseline Report (below) and begun work developing the communications strategy ,which includes designing a web site to share information, interviewing potential users about their needs and preferred mode of communication, and reviewing the styles of similar web sites.

SfH "Baseline Report for the National Governance Group for New Ways of Working" - (Sep 2007)

Skills for Health's New Ways of Working governance group commissioned this report and the enclosed appendices to understand what service improvement is going on at the moment (2007).

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