Service Transformation

Developing a CQUIN Commissioner-Provider Contract

North of Tyne PCTs (the management team for two PCTs in NHS North East) needed a contract for the Addictions service developed in line with the new model contract 2009, in place before end of March 2009 (ie before the start of the new financial year). Time was limited, so they engaged to provide extra resource.

Making time to make a change

"Edward Bear Coming Down StairsHere comes Edward Bear now, down the stairs behind Christopher Robin. Bump! Bump! Bump! on the back of his head. It is, as far as he knows, the only way of coming down stairs. He is sure that there must be a better way, if only he could stop bumping for a moment to think of it.“[1]

Quality is the new buzzword

medium_QualityMark.jpgQuality is the new buzzword (HSJ 25 June 2009). I return to my original thesis, that all care is delivered by people and therefore innovation, and quality, is predicated on the motivation of staff, volunteers and carers.

World Class Commissioning could save PCTs £3bn over 5 years

medium_WCC_cycle.pngWith savings like these, NHS could become a net contributor to the Treasury! £50,000 per QALY (Quality Adjusted Life Year - the value assigned by statisticians that an individual puts on being healthy for a year) is a reasonable figure, but lets not get mixed up - nobody gets £50,000 in their hand, least of all government (who may have to pay for statins or insulin during that extra year of life).

Innovation - Case for Investment in Social Care

Skills for Care (SfC) New Types of Worker programme wanted to help third sector organisations make the leap from using development grants to sustainable funding, in other words for commissioners to buy the services they provided at a price which enabled them to continue to provide the service.

SfH "Baseline Report for the National Governance Group for New Ways of Working" - (Sep 2007)

Skills for Health's New Ways of Working governance group commissioned this report and the enclosed appendices to understand what service improvement is going on at the moment (2007).

Process Redesign using Care Pathway Simulator

Simon Dodds, a surgeon in Good Hope Hospital, developed an excellent piece of software to model the flow of patients/service users through a care pathway given constraints of staffing, equipment and facilities.

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