Local Area Agreement

Local taxation with local representation

Sir Michael Bichard is a man to listen to – his proposals are practical and usually sufficiently well supported that they make it into policy. I was listening to him on Radio 4’s Today Programme this morning (Friday 18 Sept 2009) discussing Local Government with Tony Travers of LSE. The gist of the conversation seemed to be that local government has delivered significant innovation, whereas Whitehall had offered no improvement. But local government couldn’t go any further because they are micro-managed – their income is set by Whitehall, and services are also set by Whitehall.

The case for change - funding innovation in social care

Allan Bowman, Chair of SCIEIt's not enough to throw money at the problem. We need long-term commitment, planning and the intent to collaborate before we can ask care providers to risk their neck to introduce the innovation that is so vital for delivering care tailored to individuals, with quality outcomes, and in the quantity required.

Initiating joint working - cross sector forum

With New Ways of Working I initiated a core planning group to identify cross-sector issues (health, social services, childrens incorporating commissioners and providers from public, independent and voluntary sector) and share knowledge.
We all know that decisions on the funding and types of care in one sector often impact on others; staff and users want seamless care delivery, and of course transferability of skills and qualifications.

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