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Workforce Design and Culture Development

A workforce that meets the needs of the patients, the politicians, the service, and of course the staff themselves - wouldn't it be wonderful? Motivating people to take pride - yes real pride - in the service delivered, and to tailor their own actions/ activity/ hours to deliver the very best within finite resources is the Holy Grail - find out more . . .

The Ten Commandments in Professional Services (6-10)


I've written previously about applying the first five commandments to Professional Services.  Here I show how Do Not Murder, Do Not Steal and so on are just as relevant commandments in the nuance and subtlety of modern life as they ever were.

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Book Review - Ricardo Semler's "Maverick!"

We’re introduced to the world of Brazilian politics and industrial relations, conglomerate in the middle of a recession, and in a working environment where employees are suspicious of being exploited by employers, and employers can’t make an income because of Byzantine laws and checks which can only be passed by crossing many palms with silver. It’s half a world away, and nothing like our own dear public services.
In walks Semler Jnr, with his USA M.B.A. degree and lofty ideals, and inherits his father’s industrial conglomerate. 

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