How to get £270billion - public sector procurement

The public sector in UK will spend £730.4 billion[1] over 12 months 2013/14. A bit of digging suggests that around 37% goes to the independent sector[2].  That’s £270,248million (£270billion) paid to independent companies – commercial organisations and voluntary/ community sector and charities – to provide goods, works and services.

NHS Mediocrity


The NHS is mediocre, Jeremy Hunt will say today, and show that it costs lives.  But he's not the first person.

In 2003, Kate Silvester (Lean Thinking Hawk for the NHS) told us that "at any one time, 30% of waste and inefficiency can be taken out of the health service".  She was right, but it needs some context.

1) Dedication of Staff

Transforming Community Services (TCS) – 1. Strategic Planning

Transforming Community Services (TCS) is about taking services where patients and service users have to travel, and bringing them into the community and into people’s homes.

The effects are twofold:

  1. people tend make more use of the service, because they don’t have to travel, which means they gain the benefits of prevention rather than late remedial treatment
  2. Healthcare delivered in or near patient own home avoids “hotel fees” (cost of food and bed in hospital)

This page looks specifically at the first part of TCS - and the examples used are Healthcare.  The principles apply to all sectors

Dogma and Disarray

Dogma & Disarray

Have you wondered whether the disruption to NHS is incompetence, or deliberate?  Polly Toynbee and David Walker have an opinion, and they've put that opinion into a book.

The argument is purely polemic.  It doesn't attempt to win over government supporters, only to explain to Cameron's opponents what they are up against.  They describe an ugly chimera of Thatcherite brain, liberal Tory heart, and Europhobic limbs, not so much a monster as a series of disembodied body parts held together by the suit they are inside.

NHS beds light up Tunisia's hospitals


Good news - the hospital beds from the Danny Boyle Olympic spectacular aren't going to waste - they are going to be donated to hospitals in Tunisia.

Health and Care Improvement

NHS - best in the world!The UK health service is one of the best on planet earth.  

Why then do we talk it down and find so many opportunities for improvement?

Because technology (medical, care pathways, equipment) and understanding (what we know, how we know what causes what) is moving at such a pace that what was cutting edge last year has been replaced by the new cutting edge.

Is the NHS Cost-effective?

Commonwealth Fund chart

What is the best way to know if NHS is effective and efficient?  And in particular, how do we know what reforms are needed and how we should bring them about?

I've pulled out a number of reports which compare NHS historically, and with other countries, to decide if it is effective and if not, what we need to do about it

Benefits Management to support Public Service organisations

My mission is that everyone will enjoy and be passionate about what they do.

(with Haiku)

U-turns and the future for NHS

31 years of Thatcherism What is the future for NHS, given all the U-turns?  Will we see Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), and what will they really be like?  What role does the House of Commons Parliamentary Health Select Committee have in all of this?  NHS has certain challenges . . .

NHS in England is poised for reform

(Benjamin Franklin biography)

The cycle of NHS reform has come around again, just about on time. Past history shows that the whole thing is reorganised every three or four years . We don't know if it does any good, because it's never left alone for long enough to find out1. Is this time any different?


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