Registered Project Professional (RPP) - Project Director/ Programme Director

Registered Project Professional Lapel BadgeIn July 2013, I sat my most recent exam.  You'd think I was too old, but I like learning, and the exam for Registered Project Professional by Association for Project Management is nicely challenging.

Registered Project Professional (RPP) is the highest designation that a P3 Manager (Project, Programme, Portfolio) Manager can get at the moment.  It's equivalent to IPMA (International Project Management Association) level B.  It requires a minimum of 8 years' experience actually leading projects, and usually quite a few years prior to this running projects on the project management team.  I'll explain how I got on - read here...

PwC Report on the Current State of Project Management

PwC Project Management ReportPwC found that successful companies are getting more mature in their project management ability.  This raises the game – successful companies have lower costs from fewer failed projects, and less successful companies have to work harder to catch up.  There are some important lessons to take this report for everyone – Read more…

The Association for Project Management (APM)

Benefits CycleBenefits Management has moved from an art, practiced by wizards (and I was one), to a science that is repeatable and consistent, and that can be used as a reliable basis for decision making both during the programme or project, and during operation or service delivery.

It needs a governing body, and I believe the APM is the right governing body to bring together the world experts and hudreds of years' of experience, to make Benefits management better for everyone.

Follow my argument and make your own comments . . .


What sort of Project Manager are you? Lessons from 1066

Detailed stitch workHow is a project like a war?  Well, there's the politics, of course.  and the unexpected, and the different characters who plan / command / just do it / run away.  There's the rich embroidery of different parts of the project coming together to produce something beautiful.

I went to an Association of Project Managers' meeting by the North East branch, where one of my favourite speakers Stephen Carver (of Cranfield University) used the Battle of Hastings to illustrate.  Read more . . .

Realising Benefits from Projects and Programmes (or not)

Always a delight to hear Steve Jenner (CIO for the Criminal Justice Department, and advisor to the Cabinet Office of UK Government) speak, but I've heard him a number of times and I was afraid there would be nothing new. I was surprised and pleased!

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