The Benefits Realisation Plan in Public Sector

How to prepare a benefits realisation plan (BRP) and how it supports project management and performance management, with the main and most useful resources
Preparing your Benefits Realisation Plan
Benefits Planning is much more than just filling in a template - besides, who's template do you complete?

Follow this guide and links to resources. Of course I've only managed to add a few of the vital resources you will need (about 30 resources) so please do e-mail more that we can share.

Five Whys? Project Purpose
The key benefit of any project is that it solves a problem. That problem could be a positive one (we'd like to achieve more, better) or negative (we have to cut costs/ improve safety/ anything else).

How - Putting the Building Blocks in Place
Benefits Management is a fundamental part of Programme and Project Management. You could even say that a project only succeeds when it delivers the benefits it set out to achieve (outcomes rather than milestones).

Governance - ensuring the right people are involved, with the right controls
this is vital where user information, or staff information, is involved; this applies to pretty much all change in Health and Social Care

Benefits Management

Risk and Issue Management


Capacity & Capability